March is Women’s History Month, and as a way to celebrate we want to let you know about the great women that are part of the Agape Red family.

One of the things that makes us unique at Agape Red is that more than a third of our team is female. On average, women make up between 20-30% of jobs in the tech sector, possibly even lower in Omaha, but at Agape Red we are over 40%, and we are very proud of it!

Meet the awesome women at Agape Red:

Abbie Kerber, Co-Founder:

“When Agape Red started in 2010, we had no idea that it would grow into the amazing company it is. I’m so proud of the diversity of the company.”

Amy Wall, Consultant:

“I became interested in tech when I discovered that across my varying roles as a content manager, copywriter, and project manager, the parts of my work I loved the most were the opportunities I had to solve problems and develop new technologies. I relocated to Omaha to attend Omaha Code School and I haven’t looked back. At Agape Red, I am constantly surrounded by people who love solving problems as much as I do. I am inspired every day by the creativity and skill of the people around me, and I love the opportunities I have to learn from them and improve.”

Jen Homann, Consultant:

“I was lucky enough to join Omaha Code School’s second class. I initially thought I’d take what I learned and apply it to my career in journalism and media relations, but then I fell in love with the back-end and knew I needed to find a job where I could use those new skills full time. What I enjoy most about Agape Red, hands-down, is the people. The team we have here is one of the most talented teams I’ve ever been a part of – and I genuinely love working with each and every person here. Without exception, every person is ready, willing and able to help solve a problem – whether in code or in real life.”

Jaimie Scripter, Office Manager:

I was introduced into the tech community after accepting the position of Office Manager at Agape Red. I have now blossomed my new found love for tech into a future career in teaching. Our team is what makes the company so awesome! I love that everyone brings a different skill to the table which makes our team really strong. I love that in my two years of working at Agape Red, I have yet to have two days be the same.”

Shannon Jackson, Consultant/Developer Manager:

I was looking for a new career that would let me do more good in the world. After I heard about organizations like The Progressive Coders Network and the massive impact technology could have on a community, an organization, or even just on an individual level, I realized learning code would help me help others make a difference. Whether it’s talking through a problem, or planning what all would go into building a zipline to get to BeanSmith Coffee, having this many brilliant problem solvers in a room leads to some very interesting conversations, and I love them for it.”

Afton Palmer, Junior Consultant:

Web Development slowly crept into my resume throughout the years at previous jobs and I began to enjoy utilizing it more than my design skills. Web Development has also been a field that accepts anyone with any level of experience. Whether your background in coding is diverse and broad or you are just getting your feet wet, the field will benefit you as long as you are willing to put in the hard work! Agape Red gave me a chance that I don’t think a lot of other places would give to someone who is as much of greenhorn in advance backend development as me. One of the many qualities they look for in hires are character and a drive to make great products, and it shows through our awesome team!”

Isabel Taulé, Community Liaison:

“I got introduced to the tech world when I started working at Agape Red. As the community liaison, I bridge the Omaha community and Agape Red. I really enjoy getting to know people, attending meetups, and learning about everything that Omaha has going on. What I enjoy the most at Agape Red is our team! We have a group of very talented, friendly, kind, and funny people that make our office special.”


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