Is that time of the year again! Mark your calendars for BarCamp 2017! August 25th with the Opening Party at Alamo Drafthouse and the conference starting bright and early on August 26th at KANEKO.

“BarCamp is a user-generated conference that focuses speaking topics into tracks. These tracks are comprised of Creative, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and also the Kitchen Sink track- where just about anything is free game. Tracks are open for anyone to speak and the schedule is driven entirely by participants who sign up for a speaking time the day of the event. BarCamp is a chance to network, learn something new, and share what awakens your curiosity.” – BarCamp

Part of the Agape Red team has participated before and we only have good things to say! One of our favorite things about BarCamp is the diversity of the talks during the day. It brings people from all different backgrounds and creates a stage that welcomes everyone. Talks vary from in-depth tech to some silly topics that both belong in the conference. The community of Omaha is very passionate about a lot of things aside from work and this an opportunity for people to showcase what they’re passionate about.

“Omaha fosters hobbies, and people here really value having a life outside of work and BarCamp gives us a chance to showcase those cool things.” – Shannon Jackson. She has some really cool ideas prepared for this year’s BarCamp!

“BarCamp is a great way to learn new things and get introduced to a wide range of topics.” – Victor Cassone.

See you there!


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