Agape Red is more than just software development. We care about people, and especially the people that try to make Omaha a better place, and buying pizza is a way to show our support.

Pizza makes people happy, it makes the meetup organizers’ lives easier, makes the community better, and it is an easy way for us to give back.

Any idea of the happiness Agape Red has spread with pizza?

In 2016 Agape Red sponsored more than 40 meetups, with over 200 pizzas. We currently sponsor five meetups every month (Omaha Ruby and Open Source, Google Developer Group Omaha, Omaha Emerging Developers, Omaha Mobile Group, Nebraska Java Script, and a round of drinks for Omaha Java Users Group), as well as some other tech events here and there. We sponsor one to two meetups every week, and so far in 2017 we have provided over 40 pizzas.  

But it also comes down to more than just pizza.

Buying pizza is a simple action that makes a immense difference. It is a constant reminder of who Agape Red is, what we do, our values, and that we care. We legitimately care about the tech community in Omaha and its development. We strongly believe that these meetups make our community a better place, by providing knowledge and a place to network and meet others with similar interests, and that is why we have been sponsoring pizza for over five years now. We are planting seeds that will grow to be the future of Omaha, and we are proud of it.


If you need a meeting space, we would love to share our office! Give us a call!

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