Before every new project, we meet with our client and go through a discovery process, in which we try to gain a deeper understanding on their Minimum Viable Product, MVP, in every application or website. After we do this, we try to analyze how the MVP will help their business goals and vision into the future, then decide how to move forward.

The discovery process helps us grasp the core of the application or website. By understanding the MVP we can make sense of the necessary features for the website or application. This also helps us create a more reasonable and accurate quote.

For a project to be successful it is crucial that it aligns with the client’s business goals. If this happens, and we make the application or website, it will have a strong and positive impact in the client’s business. The long term success of the project, and hence, the client. It is much more impactful and meaningful to us than getting a project done just for the sake of having a project done.

This is the reason why when projects align with our clients’ businesses goals, bring value, and positive impact to their company, we call them long term successful. In all of our development hours, we continue to strive for a people-first business model where we prioritize our developers and clients.

A little over a year ago, someone came to Agape Red asking us to build an application. We went through the initial discovery phase, and during the process we realized that the application would not have helped move the client’s business forward in any way. We recommended alternative ways in which the client could automate the processes he was looking to reproduce with the app. A year after, the customer came back to Agape Red and told us he followed our recommendations and was able to grow his business and was very grateful for our honesty.

This is a great example of short term loss for Agape Red. When we prioritize doing what is best for our client, regardless whether that benefits us or not. As long as it benefits our client, and leads our client to success, we feel successful.


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