Elanor was a Father’s Day present, she was about a foot tall and lived in a red vase. I named her after Elanor in The Lord Of The Rings film, in which she was known as “the fair” for her immense beauty. It is a true challenge for me to care for plants, keep them alive and make them grow, hence why I decided to take on the challenge.

While I cared for Elanor, she taught me valuable things I now live by at Agape Red:

  1. I can’t force people to grow. I’m the kind of person who likes to roll up his sleeves and make something happen.  I couldn’t make Elanor grow. I couldn’t just work an “all nighter” or make everyone come in over the weekend to make it happen. That’s not how living things grow. All I could do was provide Elanor with the right environment with everything she needed, and then let her do her own growing. This made me realize that the most I can do for someone is provide them with a comfortable and resourceful environment for them to do their own personal and professional growth whenever they decide to do so.
  2. Pruning is essential. When some of Elanor’s leaves dried and fell off, all I could do was understand that it was time to let go of some parts of Elanor. I had to prune the point where I almost thought I was removing too much.  Doing that allowed her to focus on the parts of her that were most healthy and allowed for the greatest growth. Every so often, similar situations happen with people. Some parts sometimes weigh us down and it is absolutely necessary to let go in order to move forward and be healthier overall.
  3. When it is time for something to be over, it is important to just let go. Elanor was an annual plant, meaning she was only meant to live for a short period of time, and when her time came, it was hard to part ways. When winter came and it was time for her to go, I tried and tried to keep her alive longer than was natural for her. She had a good run, but eventually I realized that when the time comes for something to be over, it is best to just let go. Letting go is part of the process of moving forward and constantly improving.

At Agape Red, we provide our developers with the best environment and let them do their own professional growth, we focus on our constant development in order to keep improving for our clients and ourselves. Like Elanor, some of our leaves fell off, but that opened up opportunities for advancement and learning.

To this day I still think of the valuable lessons Elanor taught me. The world is more amazing when we are open and willing to learn from everything and everyone around us.


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