Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with, and it is easy to get caught up in the constant chase for newer, better, faster technologies. It is important to note, that newer, better and faster doesn’t mean it is the best fit for every project.

Some older tools are good for some projects, while other newer tools are better for different projects.

Here’s what we mean.

Traditional can openers open the cans on the inside rim, these are effective, but we have to watch out to not get cut with the sharp edges once we lift the top off. In contrast, new can openers try to fix this problem by opening the cans on the outside, and avoiding the danger of getting cut because it is easier to remove the top part.

By replacing the old can opener with the new one, some cans were actually harder to open. Tuna cans for example, once we open these with the old can opener, we are able to drain the water before serving it, with the new can openers we cannot drain the water as easily.

A problem was fixed, but a new one was created by using newer tools.

After we go through the discovery process at Agape Red, we decide if we can use the old can opener or if we need a new one to get the job done in the best possible way. Luckily we have different solutions for different problems, and this is how we make sure we deliver our best for every project.

A couple of weeks ago we had a customer come to us, asking to build a WordPress plugin for them. After doing some research we found out there was already an existing plugin they could use. Just because a new “can opener” could have been built, doesn’t mean we needed it. The old one was evaluated and seemed to get the job done.

As a technology company, we don’t always jump to the newest and latest technology the minute it becomes available. We prefer to use tools that we are confident will get the job done in the best possible way.

Sometimes the old solution is the best solution. It is important to understand the problem you’re trying to solve before buying a new can opener.


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