I pray.  I pray a lot. Mostly in the shower, it’s a place where you can almost always have some time alone. When I pray I ask God for a lot of things. I ask him to bless different aspects of my life such as my family, my church, my business, etc. I always ask for two specific things: the wisdom to know the right thing to do and the strength to actually do it. Before I ask for anything though, I always make sure to thank God for the blessings he’s already given me.

I’m grateful for my parents and my upbringing. My parents were by no means perfect, and there were many times when they couldn’t give me everything they wanted to but they always loved us, they taught us right from wrong, and they broke the cycle of destructive behaviors they themselves inherited.

I’m grateful for my wife. Lately I’ve been struck by just how much vision she had when she decided to permanently tie her fate to mine. I was an arrogant, skinny, acne-covered, smart-mouthed kid who wanted to have 14 kids along with many other insane goals. Still, she chose me. I often keep motivated just by remembering that I need to be the man she deserves, and prove her right for marrying me. She has given me three wonderful children.  She supported me through several career changes and all the “for betters” and “for worses” I think one person can handle. She is my rock.

I’m grateful for my children, they are amazing people and I’m always astounded by how wonderful they are turning out to be in spite of their father’s foibles.

In my business I’m blessed in so many ways.

I’m grateful for the people who have decided to become part of our team.  I am so impressed by these people. If I could tell you the stories of how we found these people they are so far-fetched that you wouldn’t believe them. Sometimes I look around and think I should just slip away quietly because I no longer fit in with such a formidable group.

I’m grateful for our customers who have been so wonderful to us over the years. We still have customers from that first year in business and I appreciate those people in such a special way. I have been blessed to work some amazing people through this business. I’m excited about people we are talking to even just this week, and great projects we will be able to do in order to make the world a better place. It’s a special industry we get to work in.

I’m grateful for everyone else we get to work with as partners and as people in the community. We live in a great community. The encouragement, the introductions, the partnerships, the advice. There are so many people out there who have helped us just a little bit each that in total creates a tremendous show of support.  I’m tempted to name some names, but I would inevitably miss some people.

I’m grateful that Omaha Code School has brought every class to our office for a “field trip”. Anytime someone allows you to speak into their lives and opens themselves up to your influence it is a tremendous responsibility that should be honored appropriately.

Last week there was a funeral in my family. My cousin’s eighteen-year-old son died in a motorcycle accident. A terrible tragedy. After the funeral I was able to see my half sister who I hadn’t seen in years. I confessed that I hadn’t done a good job staying in touch with her and that I would like to fix that. She agreed. Yesterday we talked for about 20 minutes. Nothing special, just talking about her college classes, work, life, a little family gossip.  At the end we both said “I love you”. I’m grateful for that.

Saturday I was able to help a nice guy named Rupert by fixing up his house. It was with Rebuilding Together Omaha through my Rotary group. I’m grateful that I am able to help others on this trip through life. I’m grateful to live in a place that values service so highly.

I’m grateful for my church family. They have helped through so many things over the years and are just fun people to be around.

I’m grateful for a friend who made time for me last night to grab a drink, eat some wings, and just talk through some of the struggles of life.

Life is hard.  Being an honest husband and a good father is hard. Running a business is hard.  In the middle of all it helps me to take a little time and remember all the good things I have to be grateful for.


  • Sumeet Jain

    Thanks for this, Dave. I’m sure I’m one of *many* who is grateful for you and the work you do – and also for this reminder to take time to step back and broaden our perspective.

  • I just want to “like” this. When I read this kind of post, I smile because there is so much in life to be grateful for. You and your family are awesome people and I am glad to say that I know you. God Bless.

  • Todd Cramer

    This is a great post. I think it’s great when successful leaders are humble enough to simply be thankful, and vulnerable enough to put it out there for everyone to see. The world needs more people who openly appreciate life and the people in it like this.

  • Fred Kerber

    Truly an inspirational post. God bless.

  • Mary Rippey

    Warmed my heart….

  • Matt Casey

    Hey Dave, just dropping by the site and fortunately caught this post. I love your approach to everything. I’m happy to work with you!