For the last few months, every employee at Agape Red has been reading a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. In the book, the author outlines a process, unsurprising called Getting Things Done, for capturing, analyzing and determining next actions on all of the projects that come up in our daily lives. It’s a popular book that’s been a bestseller for many years and has a cult like following. For a few people in the company, this is their second or even third read through of GTD and they continue to squeeze useful insights out of the pages.

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I, myself, am a fan of structured reading groups. I enjoy bouncing thoughts and revelations around. Everyone can read the same text and come out with a different experience. Life is best when we share those experiences. But when I heard we were reading GTD, I was a little hesitant. I use a slightly modified version of the Bullet Journal system for keeping my notes, to do’s and sketches together and it works great for me. I was intimidated by this large, top to bottom methodology that took 250+ pages to outline and explain.

However, as we got through the first few weeks of our ‘Book Club’ and sharing our insights in small groups, I realized that even a few small tweaks or ideas from GTD could be applied to my method and greatly improve things. I use my analog system and it works for me. Dave and Zach use OmniFocus and it works for them. Vis uses…well, I am not quite sure what Vis uses now that I mention it. But it doesn’t matter, because he’s rock solid. You tell Vis to do something, and you can bet money that it’ll get done.


And that is really the reason we all are taking this journey down the GTD river. The goal was always to increase accountability and trust in our team. Every employee at Agape Red is juggling a dozen things at any given time and we need to be confident that when someone delegates something to you to get done, that it will get done. Correctly and on time. After reading Gettings Things Done and hearing what my coworkers use to stay organized and why it works for them, I’m confident that I’m working with the most on-the-ball employees in the world.


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