When starting projects that require development, it is of great importance to have a developer in every step of the project, not just after the designs are completed.

Developers can provide you with extra insights and help you get better end results for your project. You know what your project will require from the very beginning and you will have exactly what you asked for; transparency and clear communication from day one.

Including a developer in the early stages of your project can have a huge positive impact in both the short term, and the long term. When starting a project, the way it is designed and the way it looks is important, but it is also crucial to know that it works correctly, that your website/mobile app is fast, and that it is secure. By bringing in a partner who specializes in these things adds legitimacy, accuracy, and completeness to your projects.

This can also help you better understand budgeting and pricing out your project. Development takes time and to estimate the budget, the project schedule, and how much a specific feature is worth, you need an experienced developer. You could be designing a million dollar budget without even knowing it!

On the other side, because developers focus exclusively on development, they have the advantage of knowing all the latest features, and by working together with designers, your project can reach its full potential.

Agape Red partners with design agencies all the time, and we have valuable input towards projects. By working together, designers and developers, we can help you make the most out of your projects.


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