Welcome to the Agape Red blog! For our first post we have an exciting announcement to make. Agape Red is humbled and grateful to announce that we are providing financial support to the women of the upcoming Omaha Code School class.

We supported the first class, as mentors, employment partners, “field trip” hosts, and by hiring one of the graduates to join our team. We will continue that support because we value the service they provide.

Agape Red does not just need more developers, we need to change and grow to meet our future challenges and opportunities.

The diversity in our team needs to improve. Our Co-founder/CFO and our Sales/Marketing Manager are women, but none of our developers are. We have regularly sought to improve this, but we can and will do better.

That is why we are providing a $1,000 scholarship to every woman accepted to this Omaha Code School class. We are excited that the next Omaha Code School class will have six students who are women. We hope that by assisting to increase the diversity of the Omaha developer community, some talented women will find their way to our team and make Agape Red an even better place for our employees and clients.

We recognize that there are many measures of diversity and underrepresented groups in technology and within our own company, and we feel like this is the right place for us to start.

We were impressed by the first Omaha Code School class. We look forward to meeting this new class and seeing what is in store for them.


  • Cherisse

    Great job, guys! Keep up the good work.

  • Andrea

    I feel very grateful to be the recipient of one of these scholarships to OCS. Thank you for promoting diversity and inclusiveness in both the educational and workplace environments!

  • William Dye

    Thanks much for helping more women to consider coding as a career. As computers are applied to a broader base of life’s problems, it makes sense to hire problem-solvers from a broader base of life experiences.