Here at Agape Red, we have a passion for a variety of different platforms, programming languages, and projects. One of our passions is mobile applications.

Since Apple premiered the iPhone in 2007, mobile apps have become a focus area of businesses and the public. Smartphone adoption has grown year after year since the first iPhone. Pew Research Center estimates 77% of all people in the United States own a smartphone.

Agape Red is no stranger to mobile development. Mobile development has been within Agape Red’s DNA since its beginning. We have built several applications from scratch, taken on unfinished products, and provided continued support for completed projects.

Here are a few samples of our recent work.

Payment Spring
Payment Spring is a fintech startup based out of Lincoln owned by Nelnet. The Payment Spring mobile app allows users to accept credit card payments directly on their phone. Credit card info can be manually entered or pulled from a attached card reader provided by Payment Spring.

To successfully integrate with the card reader, the project required working with a 3rd party card reader SDK (Software Development Kit) and reading through hardware documentation. We also had to consider the most secure way to handle user information.

Technologies used: Swift, Java, Ingenico SDK to interact with card reader hardware.
App Store & Google Play


The KMK mobile app provides necessary resources in aiding optometry students to study for the NBEO® Boards. Students can watch 36+ hours of video contained within the app, answer 3,000+ example questions, and review flashcards. The app implements a customized video player and tools specific to KMK’s branding. The finished project is an intuitive user experience that presents a vast amount of information via several different methods to suit student learning styles.

Technologies used: Swift, Realm, Java, several media caching libraries to efficiently present images and videos.
App Store & Google Play


The Work4It mobile app allows users to earn different food/drink rewards through exercise. The users can cash in the rewards and consume the food/drink guilt-free. Implementing a reward image that updates with the user’s progress was a great UI and logic challenge. Once the reward is earned, it is credited to their ‘earned rewards’, and the process begins again. The app integrates into devices native libraries to interface with health information (specifically steps taken/calories burned).

Technologies used: Swift, Realm, HealthKit, Java

App Store & Google Play
Have the beginnings of an idea for a mobile app? We can help you develop the idea and bring it to fruition. Have an idea fully formed? We can help you nail down the details you might not have explored and guide the project to the App Store and/or Google Play Store. Please contact us


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Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

Post written by: Zeb Frantzich & Victor Cassone

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