From every experience there are valuable lessons to learn.

In the beginning of 2016 we had an enlightening experience with a client at Agape Red. This client had a huge project for us, long hours and a big budget. We took on the project enthusiastically and eagerly.

Once we started working on it and having our weekly meetings, the direction of the goals kept shifting. We were losing so much time and effort every single week, to then scratch it and restart. This was frustrating to our developers, and it wasn’t helping our client.

This went on and on for weeks.

After a while of doing endless work and not making much progress, we took a moment to think on our values, and concluded that it was best to part ways.

Six months passed.

A new client had recently hired a new chief technology officer into their team and wanted to work with us for some development. This new CTO worked with us in the failed project from six months back! We now had a new project, a new relationship with the CTO, and a clear and organized assignment to work on. After finishing the successful project, the CTO thanked us for being honest on the previous project, and told us that our decision was the best for everyone involved. He also confessed to love the new work!

For Agape Red, this experience was very enlightening, we learned that before taking on a project we need to do the necessary planning to have a clear path and direction on it. The way we see the failed experience is, we could have continued working with the client and keep making money, the project was big and the hours needed to fulfill it were long. But it wasn’t who we are.

Since day one we have followed a people-first business model. What we mean by this is that we always prioritize our clients and developers. In a previous blog post, we detailed our values and why they are so important to us at Agape Red.

This experience made us remember that standing by our values has always been beneficial, and as a company that is continuously seeking long term success, knowing our core values is crucial. Had we not stuck to our values and to what is really important to us, perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are today.

And we are very proud of where we are today.

Happy 2017.


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