So you have successfully gone through and tested and found that the idea you have for your MVP has potential. What should your next steps be? The right answer to what your next step depends on what all you’ve done during your MVP and the answer to the question of, “what do I want out of this application?”

There are a few options:

The first option would be to leave it as it is. If you realized that the MVP has done exactly what you hoped for and you have no need of making changes because it is perfect in every way, then leave it be.

The second option would be to make small enhancements and continue forward as is. If your goal is to grow your application then your next steps will most likely be pretty straight forward. You need to continue adding new features that keep your users interested and interacting with your application. If your goal is to sell new features of your application you need to ensure that you continue to provide the best new widget out there for your customers.

A third way would be to run through a new discovery session to understand the next “big” feature. Gathering more data at this point in time is going to be the best answer, in order to continue moving forward.

The last option, and never an easy one, would be to kill the idea and go another direction. You may realize that the idea you’ve been dreaming about for the last 5 years is actually only something that you found interesting and beneficial. If this is the case you need to do some self reflecting and make the very difficult decision to kill the idea. This doesn’t mean the system is wasted, it just means that it may not be utilized in the current manner in which it is being used. Many successful companies are formed in this manner. A great example of this is the online collaboration tool Slack, this application was built as an internal tool for a videogame company that barely stayed open for more than a year.

The end result, as in most software development, is not straightforward. There are many questions and we can help you answer some of them to continue your project forward.

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