Without our team, we wouldn’t be Agape Red. That is why it is priority to make sure everyone is provided with the right tools to be productive and feel comfortable in the office. Here are a few things we do for our employees.

Every Friday at Agape Red we have investment time. During four hours every single week, everyone has the freedom to take time for themselves to improve existing skills or learn a new set of skills that will later help them be better at their work. We hire people because we can see how they love what they do and so during investment time we allow people to do more of what they love, find their passions and improve their passions. This way we are constantly improving and challenging ourselves.

Every quarter we also have retros. During these, we all gather and evaluate our past few months. Things we have done right, things we could do better, things to learn from and not do again. It allows us to grow as a team and be transparent. It is an opportunity to voice ideas, provide feedback and be in constant growth. After having the retros we host company parties, as a way to destress and celebrate our accomplishments from the previous months. This allows us to get to know everyone else on deeper levels and have fun outside of the work environment together.

Every Friday we also have team lunches. The reason behind this is because we want to build a community, and we want the people we work with to engage and build relationships. Deeper relationships than just work related. So every Friday we take an hour to relax and enjoy lunch together.

We put extreme attention and effort into our hiring practices at Agape Red. We hire with the intent that everyone will get along with everyone else – aside from other obvious reasons, like knowledge and the willingness to be constantly learning. We spend a large amount of time with our team in the office, and it is really important to enjoy our time together.

We have a snacks cabinet in the kitchen, in which we have all types of snacks; pretzels, meat sticks, oreos, oatmeal, fruits, peanuts, to name a few. The reason why we offer snacks is to make everyone’s life easier, by the simple fact of not having to walk down the street for food, which takes time, or bring something from home. Everything is easy to grab and available for us a few steps away. We take into consideration what everyone enjoys and make sure we have fully stacked cabinets.

We also get free coffee! We happen to be strategically and conveniently located right above Beansmith Coffee, only the most delicious coffee in Omaha. We all get to go up and down as many times as we need caffeine in our systems to keep ourselves productive and awake.

We do these things to make everyone’s lives easier at Agape Red, so when they are in the office it is an enjoyable and productive time. The key to having a happy staff is providing them with all the tools for them to be productive in the workplace. A happy employee is not productive, but a productive employee is definitely happy.


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