You have a great idea for app, now what?

There are two ways you can go about getting your app ready to launch. The first one is going through what we call “discovery,” where we really help you understand and nail down the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your app. During discovery, we research your customers and how they will interact with the system. After, we then utilize that information to do user experience testing, wireframing, user design, and then develop the app.

With this route, a lot more time and work goes into your app beforehand. Once your application has launched and is being used, your users can then offer feedback, which is another great way to improve some features and details.

The second way is launching with even less features than a typical MVP. Going this route requires a lot more back and forth between the development process and your users; this includes figuring out what your users like and don’t like, being prepared to make quick changes, and even full pivots if needed.

For this second route, you can’t sit on an idea too long, as you will be continually improving your idea.

The ideal solution would be a nice balance between both routes. Starting with some sort of understanding of your customers, getting your MVP out while getting feedback from users and asking them what they want, as well as being able to also tell your users what they want are all important aspects of building a great product. Both are equally important.

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