Throughout the years at Agape Red.

2010: Agape Red started in a pink room at Dave’s house in April. First hours ever tracked were September 11th.

2012: In March, Agape Red got an office! In a basement with red walls… With little more than a green picnic table… And there were around six additions to the team!

2014: We moved into a sunlit office from the dark basement. Agape Red moved up to the world, literally and figuratively! We are now on the 4th floor of the same building.  

2017: In April this year we hit our 100,000 hours tracked! We are so proud of how far we’ve come, how many clients we’ve helped and how much we have grown. We are a team of 16 and currently looking for a couple of more additions.

Throughout the years we have worked with many great clients, some of whom we still work with today. The Coffman Organization was one of our very first clients, and we still maintain their current application and make sure everything’s running smoothly at all times.

Another client we have is Red Basket, a non-profit organization that allows individuals to donate time or money directly to people or projects that need help. We have been doing all the development for Red Basket since 2014, and we just finished implementing a redesign of the website.

Praxidyn is another one of our clients. Its primary product, MixMate, is a custom hardware and software designed to accurately mix chemicals before they are applied to crops. We built an Android application that allows users to enter chemical mixing jobs and controls the hardware that does the actual mixing. This project also involved a series of complex mathematical calculations.

Heartland Roofing Consultants operate as independent roof consultants. They inspect roofs for leaks, provide the information to the owners, and if necessary coordinate repairs. Their previous process was to complete the inspection and then while back at their office create a report that included all their photos from the inspection. We helped them automate that process. We actually went onto a roof with them and watched their inspection and report creation process. We built an Android application that allows them to take the pictures on a tablet, then automatically generate the report on the spot to send to the customer. A process that would previously take a week to three months is now done in just minutes!

Woodhouse Auto Family had a pre-existing application built by a firm in Texas. The quality of the application was low and the relationship deteriorated.  Woodhouse decided to bring development in house. They hired an aspiring developer who attended a twelve week boot camp in Chicago. While their on staff developer was in boot camp we handled all the support and development. Once completing the boot camp the developer worked directly with us, with in our office mentoring and assisting with learning the existing application. Since this time we have provided additional mentoring, code reviews and horsepower to complete larger projects. We continue to advise Woodhouse on technology decisions.

Every week in addition to working and tracking hours for our clients, we have investment time. So every week we spend 10% of our hours improving existing skills, or learning new skills to help us be better at our jobs. We currently have 7% of our total hours tracked on investment time! It is important for us to not only grow as a company but to also grow as individuals, so investment time is something we deeply value.

As we keep growing, it is important to remember our core values. Since day one we have followed a people-first business model, we always prioritize our developers and clients, and it has lead us to our success today. We are constantly seeking long term success, and this is also one of the reasons why we value partnerships so much.

We are very proud of how many clients we have helped reach their goals and their success, which become our success as well.


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