When we think of successful companies, we think of their X factor, and their one ingredient that makes them stand out and be better than the rest. However, the reality is that one ingredient doesn’t make a meal. It’s the careful combination of different ingredients that makes it possible to prepare a delicious meal.

The same thing applies to companies, the combination of every process, procedure, practices, and people is as important as how good each individual ingredient is.

For example, if you were cooking pasta the quality of salt you use to cook it is definitely important. However, if you put too much salt, even if it’s the best salt, the pasta won’t taste very good and will be almost impossible to eat, if you don’t put enough salt the pasta won’t have much flavor. You need to carefully put just enough salt. It is also important to be tasting while cooking in order to make adjustments, like adding more salt if necessary.

Likewise with companies, you need to be constantly looking at every detail inside the company and out and adjust things as necessary. It is important to notice that when adjusting something we will be impacting everything else, because everything interacts.

At Agape Red, we have a project management tool we created ourselves. We use Heartbeat to track our progress in projects and also to communicate at all times with our clients. This may seem like our differentiator and secret ingredient. However, Heartbeat, along with weekly meetings, meeting deadlines, often deployment, and clear communication are just as important.

The mix and combination of our ingredients is what differentiates us.

Therefore, when we look at a company we have to look at every single detail and the link between those details.

In the end, everyone has access to the same ingredients, but not to the same knowledge of how to use them. Therefore, the quality of the ingredients is not the most important, it’s how you use them.

Successful companies do not have a secret ingredient, because these are easy to replicate, buy, or steal. They have a secret sauce made of processes, procedures, and practices that go well together.

We could get a recipe from a top chef, get every single ingredient exactly as it is, but it is hard, maybe even close to impossible, to get it to taste exactly like it would taste if the chef had made it. Chefs know all their ins and outs, and the perfect combination of ingredients for the recipe, and then use all that knowledge to make the perfect dish.


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