Web Accessibility Primer

Change the web for the better. Create things that work well. Create content and interfaces that work for as many users as possible. This is what web accessibility is all about. Before diving further into this blog post, here’s a brief glossary of critical terms that help make sense of the web accessibility landscape:

Web Accessibility Glossary

Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, by people with disabilities. Read More

Tips for Being a Successful Remote Team Member

As members of a software company, we at Agape Red are well aware of how our work lends itself to remote collaboration. Many of us have been using video conferencing since its nascent stages, when webcams could be seen stuck to bulky desktops with duct tape and the delays were frustrating enough to make you want to smash your monitor, Office Space style.

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How stoicism can make you a better developer

George Washington used a stoic play to motivate his soldiers during the harsh winter at Valley Forge.

Thomas Jefferson had the writings of Seneca, a famous stoic writer, on his night stand when he passed away.

Teddy Roosevelt chose two books on stoicism, out of eight total, to bring with him on the exploration of The River of Doubt which nearly took his life.

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