Careerockit is a program created by the Greater Omaha Chamber that aims to connect businesses in the Omaha area with students to give them real-world experiences and a peek into the possibilities our city has to offer career-wise.

What students learn outside the classroom gives them a glimpse into their future. Students experiences provide pathways into careers and allow students to build a portfolio of connections that propel them into further career achievements.” –

The programs will provide students with the opportunities to gain applicable knowledge for their future careers, while at the same time help retain Omaha talent. These activities are called “experiences,” and there are over 10,000 of them so far, with half of them being in the tech community. The experiences will start this weekend, April 1st through April 8th.

Agape Red took on the personal goal to give experiences to 87 students in two days. We will have four experiences:

  1. How to build an about page:” where students will learn the basics of how a web page is built and what makes it look the way it does. There will be a basic web page structure shared with all students in CodePen that includes some initial styling; over the course of a couple hours in your classroom participants will learn how to make it their own from adding new content to altering layouts and styling the page to their liking. All with the help of Spencer Putnam, consultant at Agape Red.
  2. How to use code for rock, papers, scissors:” coding is, at its core, a puzzle. A programmer’s job is figuring out the logic behind the puzzle and teaching that logic to the computer. This activity revolves around a very simple activity – rock, paper, scissors – and explores the difference between how our human brains process the game vs how a computer’s ‘mind’ processes the game. Without even requiring a laptop or computer, students will try to defeat each other with their ‘programs’ and learn about gathering data, testing, refactoring, and the satisfaction of a puzzle well solved. This experience will be facilitated by Shannon Jackson, developer manager and consultant at Agape Red.
  3. Project planning with cake:” during this session, students will learn how to plan a project from the bottom up with our COO, David Hopp. They will start by deciding on the “cake” they want to build, and then go through the steps in how to ensure they build a delicious and sound cake through multiple phases of planning. By the end of this session, students will understand how to find a minimum viable product to understand the difference between needs and wants and how that will impact their project planning.
  4. Understanding giving explicit instructions to stupid computers:” in this session, participants will document instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which will then be executed by the computer, in this case Jacob Lee, a consultant at Agape Red. Students will learn how to explicitly give instructions to a computer that doesn’t understand nuance and assumptions.

We are proud supporters of this amazing program and the great talent that will come from it!


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