For a while now, I’ve had a trainer at the gym. We meet weekly to set up a workout plan, make sure I stay on track with my routines, and most importantly, make sure I am making progress towards my goals.

On leg days – my least favorite days – my trainer would have me do two different exercises with my calves. These, to me felt like I was just doing the same thing over and over again; one sitting down with weights on my knees, then one standing up on my tippy toes. Let me just say that I absolutely hated this, the only possible explanation I could find for these exercises was that my trainer hated me. It was horrible.

At the time, I was also working with a physical therapist because of knee problems, and one day he randomly mentioned that we actually have two calf muscles in each leg. So I then proceeded to Google how to work out each of these muscles and turns out it was the exact way my trainer would have me working out.

Mind blown.

If it would have not been for my trainer, I would have never worked out both of my calves muscles, because I had no idea they existed!

This is the importance of hiring experts and trusting them to do their job. When customers come to Agape Red for software consulting or building, we are the experts. We know what to do and why we do things a certain way. Experts know the right way to go about reaching success, through specific steps and procedures. It is important to take their advice and trust that they know what’s best.

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