I am a giant fan of Manager Tools. Everything that keeps me organized and on track is crucial. Manager Tools taught me that happiness doesn’t bring productivity, instead productivity creates happiness. Focusing on being productive and working on things that lead me closer to my long term goals, contributes enormously to my happiness.

I have noticed the same applies to my team at Agape Red. The more productive they find themselves being, the happier they become. As a leader, I try to provide my team with a comfortable environment with the right tools they need in order to be productive, rather than focusing on happiness first. If they are productive, consequently, they are happy.

At Agape Red we want to make sure our clients are happy and successful. We take pride when we say that our client’s success is our success, and in order for this to happen, for us to have a valuable partnership, we look at the bigger picture, analyze and examine the best software solutions for each one of our clients. Sometimes we have to confront our clients with a difficult decision or unpleasant situation. In the short term it doesn’t make them happy, but in the long term it makes them successful, which is what leads to long term happiness.

Identifying priorities, making decisions about objections, time constraints and maximizing our money are key to happiness at work. Looking at the bigger picture, years from now, rather than focusing on the right-now, puts us one step closer to success.

At Agape Red, we are happy employees because we are productive employees, not the other way around.


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