For several months, sounds of hammers and drills created a tune to which work was conducted at the office. Although we maintained our commitment to building great software for clients, armed with tools, libations, and enough pizza to go around, the Agape Red team bonded over drywall dust and tearing down structures. What was formerly a downtown dental clinic, with individual bays and ocean blue accents, was transformed into the new Agape Red headquarters. We are excited to announce that our renovation is finally complete!






For those of you wondering about the work that we have done, there are a couple things we would like to mention. We are still in the same building as we have always been, just a couple floors higher than before. The building is called ‘Erin Place,’ and it is across the street from Roja, located in the Old Market downtown. We have installed a massive screen and projector, appealing to local presentation enthusiasts and User Groups. Curious about parking? Just use the garage! We have parking validation passes for visitors during the day, and as you know meters do not charge after 5PM.


We are eager to become more involved with the Omaha community, and would like to extend an invitation to anyone looking for a wide open, clutter-free venue. Host meetings, give talks, or whatever you need, we have strived to create a usable and versatile space.


Omaha Code School and Open Nebraska, two local organizations in the Metro, have recently taken advantage of the space we have to offer! We also host and provide food for Omaha Ruby, a user group for developers to learn, share experiences, and offer tips and tricks for working with Ruby. Even if you’re not searching for a place to host meetings, our door is always open (during normal business hours, and weekends upon request). For more information, or to drop a friendly note, visit


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  • Anthony Banks

    The space looks fantastic! Our community is so fortunate to have businesses like yours in it.