For a while now, I’ve had a trainer at the gym. We meet weekly to set up a workout plan, make sure I stay on track with my routines, and most importantly, make sure I am making progress towards my goals.

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Be Long-Term Happy

I am a giant fan of Manager Tools. Everything that keeps me organized and on track is crucial. Manager Tools taught me that happiness doesn’t bring productivity, instead productivity creates happiness. Focusing on being productive and working on things that lead me closer to my long term goals, contributes enormously to my happiness.

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People-First Business: How We Make Decisions at Agape Red

The key to business success: Treat your customers well and offer valuable products/services.  

I know what you’re thinking, that isn’t secret advice. It isn’t really even helpful. Running a business is complicated, sometimes the ‘right’ decisions for a customer are different than the ‘right’ decisions for a company.

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